SHS character
Spud Dudley
Gender male
Hair brown
Eyes brown (red when angry)
Age 21-22
Occupation college student
Grade college
Ex-Girlfriend Kat McGee
Friends Dexter Albright, Angie Donovan, Brendan Berg, Ashley Jackson
First Football Season
Final College Scavenger Hunt
You want a war? I'll give you a war! With knights! And dragon-riders! And tree elf wizards with +2 to agility!

–Spud Dudley to John Johnson, Football Season

While at Centerscore High, Spud Dudley was the school nerd and Centerscore's top student. He is into Math, Science, and sometimes history. His girlfriend is Kat and he does anything for her. He can be a wimp but when it comes to Wilson High he can be a man and fight for his school. He spends most of his time around in the arcade. His best friend is Dexter/Love Machine. Later in the episodes his name is changed to Spud the Stud. Hector helped him improve his game with the H.E.C.T.O.R method.

He most recently appeared in College Scavenger Hunt, when he was hired to help the O.M.G sorority win a scavenger hunt.