This page is a walkthrough for Spud the Stud. The game keeps a point total of all the correct choices made and assigns a grade rank to the player at the end of the episode. In order to see the Bonus Scene at the end of the episode, one must get a Scholar rank, which is equivalent to scoring 80 or more points.


 Note: Steps 14-17 are all part of one dialogue exchange

1. So where do we begin? ----> Work on looks.
2. Maybe I could get... --->  A tough punk jacket.
3. What's the plan today? ---> Improve my game.
4. (Gah! What do I do?) ---> Play it cool.
5. Gather intel.
6. What sort of username would she be likely to "Buddy?" ---> Game-Stud.
7. Work on looks.
8. Win weights minigame.
9. Gather intel.
10. Win sneaking minigame.
11. Work on looks.
12. I think I'm gonna go with the.... ----> Eau de Classique.
13. Improve my game.
14. You've got really nice hair... ----> Is that it's natural color?
15. You're really beautiful... ---> Though beauty's only skin deep.
16. That's a really nice shirt... --->I've seen tons of girls wearing it
17. You're really charming... --->I bet you've made out with a lot of guys!
18. Gather intel.
19. I guess she'd like it... Slow and simmering.

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