SHS character
Stiletto Reed
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Eyes Unknown
Friends Friends Steve, Alexei Harp, Darren Clark, Skazz van Tooten
I don't have a family, not any more. I got emancipated when I was 16 and never looked back.

–Stiletto Reed

Stiletto is an emancipated bad girl who lives on the Wilson Side of town.


Being part of Wilson, Stiletto is not seen very often.

She seems to hang around with Skazz a lot, and they both work in the auto shop. She has blue-purple hair and glasses.

In "Wilson's Demise", she and Skazz are part of W.A.S.P.


Stiletto is tough demeanor, but this could be due to her home life crisis. Still, she is fair, as shown in The Great Float Caper, where she lets Sarah go with the float, and in Party Fowl where she agrees to share the turkey with Chip and Spike.


Stiletto has blue hair pushed back. She has two earrings on her ear. She wears black sunglasses, purple lipstick and wears a gray shoulder tank top.