This page is a walkthrough for The Contestants. The game keeps a point total of all the correct choices made and assigns a grade rank to the player at the end of the episode. In order to see the Bonus Scene at the end of the episode, one must get a Scholar rank, which is equivalent to scoring 80 or more points.


Step Question Choice
1 To tell you the truth, it's because of... School unity.
2 Win calming horses minigame. Whisper soothingly
Grab reins
Air of calm
3 What do you say? Not if you were the last person on Earth!
4 What do you say? I don't have time for boys.
5 What are you looking for in a guy? Someone who gets me.
6 What do you say? Sense of self worth!
7 What do you say? Watching your mouth flap!
8 What do you say? Body odor?
9 We could start by going to a... Burger joint.
10 But Denni... You could get hurt.
11 Win protect Denni minigame. Shield
12 Essence of... Garlic.
13 Eau de... Roadkill.
14 A dash of... Cheese funk.
15 I haven't signed up yet because... I didn't know registration had opened.
16 What do you do? Let Jessica handle it.

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