The Crosstown Races, Part One
Season 2, Episode 11
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The Crosstown Races, Part Two
The Crosstown Races, Part One is the eleventh episode of the second season of Surviving High School.
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Help Centerscore High beat Wilson and Spartan Academy in the annual Crosstown Races!


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The episode began with Andrew making an introduction! He stated himself as remembered from the Centerscore Literary Magazine. He came with an analogy about high school being like a skyscraper since both have a lot of stories. Andrew brought up that some stories are unbelievable and even span a continuous story throughout several episodes long, and so legendary that it'll never be forgotten. He then stated that this is one of those stories. Andrew summarized how Howard, Hector, and Brendan have just been cleared for their charges but the question is who really started the fire. As soon as the boys left the courtroom, free at last, a car pulled up with Alexei pulling out. They were mad at him and said that he had some nerve so show up after all of that. They were angry at him but still let him explain himself after he said he's not sure who he can trust. Alexei claimed that on the night of the fire, he saw 3 guys dressed as if they were from Centerscore running away. Also that night when he checked for the fireworks stolen from Hector's van, he found them stolen. They were shocked to find that there was traitor on the Wilson side and as much as Alexei hates to say it, they need to work together if they want to find out who the real criminal was. He had a plan which he told and the 4 all agreed to meet up at Wilson high later that night for "Operation: Eavsedrop" Later on the guys needed to go back to help their school train for the crosstown races. They came at a perfect time since without them it seemed like the school had no chance of winning. The guys happily reunited with their friends and girls but they needed to focus back on the games. Andrew who was still narrating what was happening, described the Crosstown races across Centerscore with 3 of the towns schools: Centerscore High, Wilson High, and Spartan academy. The events vary to test physically strength, intelligence, and raw cunning. By winning events schools receive points, and whoever has the most points at the end wins. Usually Centerscore performs well but this year, Howard looked out at dispirited faces on his team. To comfort his team, Howard told everybody that the other teams are running scared.

Bonus SceneEdit

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  • Howard DeGeest
  • Hector Alonzo
  • Brendan Berg
  • Linda Carter
  • Andrew Grant (Narrator)
  • Amanda Applebee
  • Taylor Vale
  • Dexter Albright
  • Judge Tigh

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