SHS episode
The Dance Dilema, Part 2
Season 3: The Dance Dilemma, Episode 3
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Air date November 16, 2012
Season 3: The Dance Dilemma guide [v]
November 2, 2012 - December 30, 2012

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3. The Dance Dilemma, Part 2
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6. The Snow Ball, Part 2
7. A Fallon Family Christmas
8. Howard's Holidays

Season 2: Howard's Return
Season 4: Love and Basketball

The Dance Dilema, Part 2 is the third episode of Season 3. It was released on November 16, 2012.


Can Zoe keep the school from tearing itself apart?


The school is an absolute wreck and fights have broken out amongst all the cliques. Half of the cliques are angry at Zoe, while the other half is angry at the opposing groups. When a water balloon is about to hit Zoe, Owen comes and bats it away. The two run outside and speak in private.

Zoe apologizes for not speaking with him for so long, due to her busy schedule. Owen says that she can make it up by coming to his basketball game in a few weeks. She agrees and they go back into school.

A few hours later, Zoe finds Taylor, who is breaking up a fight between Dexter and Jenna. Zoe tells Taylor that she has found the perfect date for the dance, the second Saturday of December, but then Taylor tells her that the date is on the day of the basketball game. Zoe is upset, as she is aware that she will not be able to attend Owen's basketball game and remembers that Emily's boyfriend, Ben, too would not.

Zoe apologizes to an upset Emily for the inconvenience and promises to buy her and Ben dinner. Emily tells her that she can still go to the game, and it doesn't mean that she has to go to the dance just because she is the social chairman.

Later on Zoe announces to everyone in the lunchroom the date of the dance. All of the cliques are happy with the exception of the basketball team. The basketball team leaves and everyone else helps plan the dance. After that, Zoe tries to catch up with Owen before basketball practice starts, but Wes stops her before she gets to the gym. Wes tells her that she isn't the only girl that Owen invited to the game and he also tells her that Owen and Paige kissed. Zoe is extremely upset by the news and she runs home.


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