The Dirty Dish is a website and application created by Steph and Jessica Blaire. The website was created for the purpose of bashing the candidates (aside from Ben Kale) running for the 2012-2013 presidency at Twin Branches High.

Known Information PostedEdit

  • In The Campaign Trail, The Dirty Dish posted that Sara Kessler never had a boyfriend, resulting in some criticism.
  • In Sara the TV Star, The Dirty Dish posted a photo of Sara and Nick Brown posed, like they were about to kiss, drawing more criticism against Sara.
  • In The Campaign Trail, The Dirty Dish posted a photo of Colt Warren's criminal record.
  • In The Campaign Trail, The Dirty Dish bashed Taylor Vale, stated that 75% of the student body had a negative association with her voice. They consider it 'intimidating', 'aggressive', 'scary' and was even described as 'a cat scratching on a chalkboard and the cat's nails are made of fiberglass, and also the chalkboard is on fire'.

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