Step Question Choice
1 What do you say? Yeah, I'm new here. (Recommended choice)
2 Cheerleaders are... Outgoing.
3 What do you do? Catch yourself!
4 What do you do? Insult him.
5 Would you skip class for a date? Sure, sometimes it's okay to break the rules.
6 What do you do? Hit the ball!
7 What do you say? Adultery.
8 I am curious about... Nate.
9 Who do you sit with? (Doesn't matter, just answer the next question right for either of them)
10 (Nerd scenario) His name is... Owengard.
11 (Hipster scenario) I like... The kitten.
12 Win the Minigame (Select the right cheer) Score above 5 points by selecting: Go Twin Branches, Beat the Warriors, Go! Fight! Win!, Go Squirrels!
13 What do you say? I understand your position.
14 I think... You shouldn't quit before you even start.
15 What do you say? I met this girl.

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