The H.E.C.T.O.R. Method is an approach Hector Alonzo made to help boys ask date girls. When he was a nerd, he wanted to study about girls so he can actually date them.

The MethodEdit

  • 1st letter - H is for your Handle. Your 'Handle' is the name that sets you apart from the crowd. Common names are just that. Common. This name will make you sound more unique.
  • 2nd letter - E is for your Exhibit. Like an attraction on display. Only in this place...The attraction is you. You have to also get a look that draws you out from the crowd.
  • 3rd letter - C is for Conversation. In order to make 'Conversation' with your prospective date, you'll first need to open with a playful and intriguing question. This is totally opposite of a pick-up line.
  • 4th letter - T is for Tranquilize. There will always be some other guy that will try to take a girl away from you so instead of beating up the guy you will use words and actions to make him run away or get scared. Too much of a saying then you may start a fight.
  • 5th letter - O is for Obtain. This next step is when you try to get something from the girl. But not something to much. Start out with something little.
  • 6th letter- R is for the Reconnect. If have a way of getting together with the girl again, you will have to decide when to get together. If you really had a good time the day you met you want to sit tight for a while. If you didn't you want to call her real soon. When you reconnect here is what you do. First, you'll need to smoothly remind her who you are. The best way is to continue your previous conversation. Second, you'll need to make your time seem valuable . She should feel like you are busy, but working hard to fit her into your schedule. Finally, don't ask her out. Everybody does that. You should make your suggestion to spend more time together in an intriguing or unusual way.

Although not established as part of the standing letters, the final letter is U, which stands for You. The next part is up to you.