The Spartan Games is a competition and tradition annually held at Spartan Academy, a boarding school. After the school was found guilty of releasing test answers to students in the elite society, the Immortals and all of the school's students were shipped off to Twin Branches High School (then Centerscore High).

The Spartan Games is a kid-friendly variant of Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games, as tributes go head to head. The primary differences between the two is that tributes will be named victorious if all other tributes are killed, where as in the Spartan Games students must simply be shot with a paintball gun.


The Spartan Games is essentially a paintball battle. For as many days as they are, students will be in an arena (Carson's family estate during the 2011 Spartan Games), where they will go head to head in a paintball war. If a student is shot, they are eliminated from the game.

The final student standing will be rewarded with not only a crown (which is actually a helmet), but also a $100,000 prize, used to fund the school however way the victor wishes.

Known WinnersEdit

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