The Storm, Part 1
Season 0, Episode 1
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The Storm, Part 2

The Storm, Part 1 is a Surviving High School special. This is the last material released before the game's first reboot.


What can you do in an hour jog?


Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.

In this episode, Sara Kessler and Nick Brown spend the summer having fun instead of doing an hour run.

It starts when Emily and Sara at the lake. Their dad, Mr. Kessler was bossing Emily. Sara comes in at that part and defends Emily, and Mr. Kessler comes to agree with her. When the two are done swimming, Sara says she's going to go jog for an hour, when really it is just to spend time with her boyfriend, Nick. Nick comes to the lake and Sara and Nick go to eat ice cream. Sara admitted that her family doesn't do this stuff anymore and that she never gets any chocolate. Sara and Nick start eating ice cream and Sara says her favorite flavor is pepper mint. Nick drops Sara off at her house. But Sara wanted to learn how to drive because her father forbidden her to do that. Nick teaches Sara and Sara learns quickly. Then the next day Nick comes to the lake again. Him and Sara go to a fair this time. Sara said she was scared of heights but Nick allowed her to hold her hand if she ever gets scared. After the fun, Nick drops Sara off. The next day they both go to the beach. Sara has fun with Nick and she taught him to do a cartwheel. Their time at the beach is cut short when it starts to rain. Nick allows Sara to drive in the storm and the car span out of and Nate have crashed the car Nick and Sara was in and Crashed and Nate ran off got Send to Boot Camp.


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