SHS character
Gender Female
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Age 20-21
Occupation Head of O.M.G Sorority at Centerscore University
Friends Friends Beth Morgan
First Football: Big Man On Campus
One of the leading members of Omega Mu Gamma's Centerscore University chapter, this college girl has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to troublesome guys crashing her parties or causing mischief at the O.M.G. house. If you want to make sure you're invited to the best college parties on campus, just make sure you don't get on Tina's bad side!
Tina was most recently seen as the head of the O.M.G sorority at Centerscore University. Her most notable storyline is her life in college.


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Tina's look was used for many background characters. She has long brunette hair with a pink headband, and pink shirt.

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