SHS character
Tom Prince
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Family Silas Prince (father), Lucretia Prince (cousin)
Girlfriend Heart Kim Johnson
Former Romantic Interests Heartbreak Mallika Desai (Ex-Crush/Date), Paula Anderson
First A Summer Fling
Final Real Life Hero
The heir to the Prince family fortune, Tom is accustomed to luxurious indulgence in the finer things in life and absolute obedience from those around him. But Tom wouldn't say that he's spoiled... He's just always right.
Thomas "Tom" Prince is the son of the richest family in town, the subtly-named Princes.


Mallika goes on a date with him in A Summer Fling, but quickly realizes she can’t stand him, and pushes him in the ocean outside the fancy restaurant where he took her for dinner, quickly running off with Spike.

Tom pops up again in The Concert, where, just after Mallika tells Kim, Linda and Dinah the story of her disastrous date with him, he appears in a limo at the Assassins gig. After a short argument with Mallika, he buys every remaining ticket to the show to try and keep Mallika and her friends from getting in. Fortunately they manage to sneak past security and see the show anyway.

In The Prince Plot, Part Two , it is revealed that Tom's dad lost all of his money and now tom is in Wilson High, trying to fit in the baseball team. His requirement was to help steal Lyle the lizard, who is the school mascot for Centerscore Hig, until Nate took Lyle The Lizard and put it into a cage, keeping it for months.

During this episode, Tom redeems himself by helping Kim, Spike, and Mallika stop his father. After Silas is defeated, he and his cousin Lucretia take over Prince Automotive. By the end of the episode, Kim even invites him to come to "The Soup Shack" with Phill, Spike, and Malika, for a victory celebration.

Obediah PrinceEdit

Tom’s ancestor, Obediah Prince, was thought to have hunted down the killer Jonah Prez. Jonah had never killed anyone, however, and was actually murdered in cold blood by Obediah. He then began to haunt Centerscore National Park as the Wild Woodsman, until his name was finally cleared by Brendan and Dinah in Local Ghosts.

During The Prince Plot, Part One , It is revealed that Jonah was murdered because he had discovered a large diamond mine beneath Centerscore, which Obediah wanted. The Prince family then began to claim that Obediah was a hero that killed Jonah because "Jonah was killing innocent people." This, of course, is not true, but apparently this story is the well-known one since Ms. Rose tells Brendan and Dinah it and they soon learn that that story was just made up to protect the Prince family history.

Tom's CrushEdit

In the Flex Games, Tom admits to Mallika that he has had a crush on her ever since his date with her, despite having been pushed into the ocean by Mallika. After Mallika's shock at hearing that he has a crush on her, he then confesses that he likes her because she was the only girl that he couldn't get because she rejected him. Mallika then runs off, a bit freaked out about the situation.

Furthermore, He became a close friend with Kim. Then in the episode The Kim-Provised First Date they started going out.