Season 3, Episode 12
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Twinstigators is the twelfth episode of the third season of Surviving High School.


Help Howard save his date with Zoe from twin terrors Kay and Kel!


Zoe who has not been invited to Howard's house often were finally invited over. His siblings Kay and Kel were supposed to go come with his parents and Jean Paul to a museum as the two had a simple romantic date at his house. However as Howard was cleaning up be found the twins hiding inside an excerise bag. He called his parents but it was already too late for them to go back so now he was stuck taking care of them. Howard found out shorty that his sisters set up 3 traps around the house including a bucket of water that could've landed on them, bees in the bathroom, and rotten eggs in an envelope. He found a quick way to dispose of all the tricks just in time before his girlfriend arrived. When Zoe arrived, his sisters planned to act innocent but they were about to tell her embarrassing stories about Howard. He was able to interrupt to twist the stories of him to sound better.

When they came inside they planned to make popcorn. However the twins messed up with the microwave for the numbers to be 2 spots lower then the original number was. In order to not rat them out he blamed Jean Paul whom they told to make himself comfortable. Howard was able to type in the number in order to make 2 large bowls of popcorn. Howard was originally going to watch a movie which was Zoe's favorite of all time which was a titanic type movie. However, Kay and Kel wanted to watch another one called blank. Zoe said it was up to him so he choose the one they wanted to watch and it turned out to be a better choice.

After the movie, Howard was going to give Zoe her favorite dessert but it was another cake with fake spiders on it. Howard claimed it was a practical joke. Then animals came and chased them ask they ran to the treehouse. Howard apologized to her and she already knew that they were michevious. Howard expressed that he was concerned that she wouldn't like them but she babysat kids before so she doesn't mind. The twins then came outside dressed as pirates and Zoe and Howard ended up having a war with them using the treehouse to help attack them and they all had fun. Zoe was sure to come more often with this.


Bonus SceneEdit

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