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SHS character
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 15-16
Grade Sophomore
Love Interest Heart Spencer Cooper
Friends Friends Veronica, Spencer Cooper
Enemies Enemies Allison Applebee
First Troublemakers
Latest Hart Attack
How could I

[hate survelliance]? It's not like the surveillance made my friends act like that. All the surveillance did was tell me that my friends aren't really my friends.

–Candace to Spencer Cooper, regarding the surveillance implemented, The Winter Dance

Candace is a Sophomore student attending Twin Branches in

the Troublemakers reboot as of the episode Troublemakers. Blonde and blue-green eyed, she is the best friend of Allison Applebee's rival, Veronica and the two friends go out of their way to make life at Twin Branches as bad as possible for Allison. Her most notable storyline has been her and Veronica's feud with[[ Allison Applebee]].

Duration: Season 1: Origins- Present


Introduced in the Troublemakers reboot, Candace was shown as the friend and sidekick of Veronica's. After an argument, developed into a physical altercation between Veronica and Allison Applebee (because Allison was seen talking with Cameron, Veronica's boyfriend), Candace twists the story in Veronica's favor, stating that Veronica complimented Allison and Allison overreacted and twisted her arm.

Throughout out the episodes, Candace is seen accompanying Veronica as a sidekick.

That is, until The Winter Dance, when Candace discloses to Spencer that she too understood how it felt to have her friends turn against her. Candace explains that all of her friends made fun of her because she ditched shopping plans to watch wrestling, which Spencer is an ardent fan of. Her and Spencer are seen together at the dance, laughing and high-fiving each other, an indication of a blossoming friendship between the two.



Veronica Wadeye

Candace has never been seen without Veronica. Candace is visioned as a sidekick of Veronica's. The two are often seen together and are inseparable.

Spencer Cooper

Spencer and Candace first meet in The Winter Dance and find common ground over how their friends disapprove of their actions--Candace liking wrestling; Spencer siding with Mr. Hart. Moreover, they both are interested in wrestling and they therefore go to see a wrestling match.

In the season four preview, Spencer and Candace go on a date to the movie theater.


Allison Applebee

Because Veronica dislikes her, Candace dislikes Allison.


Candace has long, wavy blonde hair and green eyes.


Candace's personality is a bit inconspicuous; however, she has proven to be sneaky and sly, having once even lied about Veronica and Allison's confrontation, by stating that Veronica had politely said hi and Allison responded by breaking her arm.

However, later on it was revealed that Candace is more of a tomboy and was surrounded by fake friends. During the Winter Dance, she showed a new side to Spencer by apologizing to him for her and Veronica's rude behavior and even aquanticed herself with him, revealing that she can relate to how it feels to not have real friends and stated that she has a passion for wrestling.


It is assumed that is currently in her sophomore year alongside her best friend, Veronica, and so is 15-16 years old.

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