Weekly Free Episode (previously titled "Now Airing") was a game mechanic in Surviving High School


Every Thursday, the Weekly Free Episode section, as the name suggests, allows the player to download the most updated episode free of charge. The week before the episode becomes the Weekly Free Episode, the episode was in the More Episodes section, which costed $0.99 (or $1.99 if it is the season finale), while the episode before it airs in Weekly Free Episode.

Up until the next Thursday, the episode can be played whenever the player wants. However, to play the next episode put in the Weekly Free Episode section, the player must download that one, taking away the episode previously put in the section and so forth.

Due to technical difficulties, which occurred in December, 2013, every four episodes, the season takes a season finale, in which there would be no new episode the next week. However, when the day, which the new episode would be out, the new episode is released in More Episodes.

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