SHS character
Zach Wells
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 17-18
Grade Senior
Friends Friends Jacob Williams, Howard DeGeest, Amanda Applebee, Maria Gonzalez, Hector Alonzo, Cameron Clark, Lee Chen, Nate Crawford
Girlfriend Heart Hannah Holmes
Enemies Enemies Owen Harris
Exes Heartbreak Amanda Applebee
First Football Season
Latest The Kimi Dates
Words again? Who needs those?

–Zach to Scott Delveccio, The New Regime

Zachary "Zach" Wells is a student at Twin Branches High. He's dating actor and swim team member Hannah Holmes and hoping to stay popular.

Duration: Football Season - Season 4: Troublemakers


He became the star QB of the football team after Adam left school. He was dumped by Amanda and Amanda chose Hector. He is still pretty mad at Hector about that and misses Amanda badly. But he had to pull together unless he wanted to keep his spot on the football team—which he cares about deeply. He has since moved to the swim team.

After this, Zach is only a background character. He is seen in Surviving High School: the Novel, where he is mocking Emily Kessler for never having her first kiss.


Zach is perceived as the stereotypical jock--all brawn and no brains. Zach is also called "a terrible kisser" in Football Season.


Zach has blonde hair styled upwards, but at the same time has black eyebrows. He has blue eyes and wears a violet-colored shirt.


Romantic InterestsEdit

Amanda ApplebeeEdit

For a while, Amanda and Zach were dating in Football Season but then Hector "stole" Amanda from Zach. Now Hector and Amanda are still dating. In "Amanda's Valentine's Day" Amanda helped Zach get a date with Hannah.

Hannah HolmesEdit

Zach and Hannah started dating in Swim Team Trip, but broke up some time between the events of Surviving High School: The Novel and Swim Retreat, Part 1.

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